Save Hashem's Children

Hi. My name is Eliana and I want to appeal to you to help do Hashem's work. I am 9 years old.

Unfortunately, the world has always had families that are in dire financial stress. But now, more families than ever are in pain financially and emotionally, and I want to help bring their spirits back, so they can grow closer to Hashem. 

Having financial security can help. Below, I have listed a few charities that are important to my heart:

Save Hashem's Childrens programs:

  • Shabbos food program  - This is very close to my heart. Because I have such yummy and beautiful Shabbas food, I want all Jews to be able to have a beautiful Shabbas. In Lecha Dodi, it calls Shabbas "the source of brachot" (mekor habrachah). This program distributes money to enable people to give surreptitiously without embarrassing anyone and makes it possible for people to buy whatever Shabbos food they like.

  • Bikur Cholim program - There are so many people who are ill and have no one to take care of them. The money raised will pay for hiring help, transportation, delivering food and other needs in a manner that is respectful of those receiving it.

  • Zichron Michoel V'Rochel Kollel Fund -  As we know, the world stands on three legs: Torah, avodah (prayer), and g'milus chassadim (helping others who are in need). Without Jews learning Torah, the world cannot stand. The members of this kollel make great sacrifices, in order to devote themselves to Torah. Save Hashem's Children wants to support them in carrying out this most necessary obligation.

  • Choson Vkalla Fund - One of the biggest mitzvah's one Jew can do for another; is to help people get married. We at Save Hashems Children, want to help facilitate making beautiful weddings.

  • Discretionary Fund - We never know what can come up in a persons world, from simple clothing needs to help buying school supplies and anything else in between that we can help with.

Please visit my Donate page to learn how you can contribute to any of these charities.

Save Hashem's Children is a 501c3 nonprofit and contributions are tax deductible